EPMS Process

Ceo Speech

His dynamism is personified through his thoughts and actions that epitomize our corporate ethos - “Always grow with a ‘think positive’attitude”.

With an enviable industry experience and track record, backed by ‘ever ready’ spirit to serve our customers in his inimitable style; all of it makes him unique and outstanding.

We credit him for making our company - its brand name ‘Valgro’ and its products reach out to global markets.

Apart from Valgro India, he is also at the helm of the affairs at two other group companies – Brushing Machines and Echo Pickled Surface His scenario about Eco Pickled Metal Surface Technology: Today, acid pickling process for rolled steel sheet is out and Valgro SAMARTH series Eco Pickled Metal Surface Technology is an innovative one that removes all surface oxides using an engineered abrasive. Due to this the metal surface becomes resistant to subsequent oxidation without the need for application of oil film or other protective coating. Thus, Valgro SAMARTH series Eco Pickled Metal Surface Technology is more eco friendly technology that replaces acid pickling, shot blasting & slurry blasting in totality. And more over this technology is very economic and cost effective in every sense and purpose. Thus, this is another important product from our stable that portrays our corporate philosophy - “Always grow with a ‘think positive’ attitude”.