"Valgro EPMS Process V/S Acid Pickling Process"



Acid Pickling process

Shot / slurry blasting Process

Consumables Valgro EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) process does not used hazardous chemical Acid used in acid bath of the sheet metal is corrosive Send or mineral used with Air Shot / water
Work environment Eco friendly work environment Acid fumes damaging the Building, equipment, people, land etc. Dusty work environment
Disposal restrictions No Disposal restrictions, mental peace from pollution control board Used hazardous chemical require special storage and disposal restrictions from PCB. Require approval from pollution control board (PCB)
work station 20% floor space require against traditional process. Large space require (500 feet) Large size of blast chamber and dust collection system require
Line stoppage No side effect on surface during line stoppage Over pickling damage sheet surface, Rinse stain, metal lose, dimples  
Line speed Faster than Acid pickling process Low running speed Lower production speed
Life of the consumable Longer brush Life for surfacing operation Frequent replacement require acid chemical and fresh water Maximum 1 or 2 time used
Surfacing benefits Delayed oxide formation 30 to 90 days rust free warrantee Oxide & Rust generated very fast on pickling process due to corrosive chemical Surface hardness increase in shot blasting process
Surface cleaning quality Consistence surface cleaning 1st meter to last running meters for batter coating printing operation Due to historical problems no proper adhesion for coating & Printing on unclean surface Occasional embedded shot into carbon substrate is not acceptable to customer
Productivity Increasing the Productivity : reduce historical problems with increase surface value Non Productive Work : Oil patch, oxide layer, rust surface, depth oxide, un-pickled patch, mill scaled, black spot not clean perfectly  
maintenance & Consumable cost Lower maintenance cost. Very Economical Consumable Higher maintenance cost, require frequent replacement of Acid pump and other component Expensive Consumable, Impeller, Blade set, Housing Liner, and other rotating parts replacement twice in month
Metal Loss No / Negligible Metal Loss (0.5% metal loss) 1% to 2% Metal Loss During the pickling Process  
Inventory & storage Can be store at your regular store department with lower space Required special and large storage tank space for fresh & Used chemical Required special and large storage space for fresh & Used chemical
Labors Faster production in minimum men power Required number of labor in pickling process  
One stop solution Technological support for abrasives brush and brushing machine for batter surfacing from Valgro India Require two different type of experts for both object  
Break even points Very fast break event achieve, compensate with floor space of land, with in 6 to 12 month Land is very expensive and acid pickling process require large area of land