How EPMS Works ?

At the core of the patented VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) process is a technology called mechanical scrubbing with steel abrasives roller with ordinary water. This technology invented on the base of shot or slurry blasting process. With the high RPM horizontal axis rotating and Oscillating system is propelled onto the strip in a uniform stream that removes surface scale without removing the base steel. The extent of oxide removal is at least as thorough as acid pickling; however, steel abrasives brush also conditions the surface so it is cosmetically uniform and absent of acid picking’s chloride residues that can accelerate rusting & surface remains rust free.

Mechanical scrubbing with steel abrasives wire brush is superior to dry shot blasting for removing oxides form strip: Valgro Abrasive brush is typically applied to hot band as it ships from the mill, but it also 'resuscitates' coils stored outside accumulated with rust and dirt, can be turned into prime material. Even steel tread plate can be VALGRO brushed to remove rust and obtain a remarkably clean surface.

VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) prevents removed grit & contaminants getting embedded in the case of shot blasted surface. That’s why VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) processing always beats acid pickling, while shot blasting does not. VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) processing also shape & correct material through tension leveling. Tremendous pulling forces are generated between the entry-side waves – even mirror coil breaks.

The present invented novel method EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) (Eco pickled metal surface) of mild and stainless steel material to remove mill scale and rust with following advantages.

Valgro EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE): Valuable advantages

  • Improved surface quality
  • Smoother, more resilient paint finish
  • No more rust
  • Reduced paint preparation
  • Smoother paint finish
  • Reduce dimples on painted surface
  • Cleaner work environment
  • Less rework, fewer rejects
  • Faster laser/plasma cutting

Valgro EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE): Value-added Advantages

  • Delay rusting process time on mild steel
  • Batter surface finish
  • Consistent cleaning effect
  • No disposal restriction for hazardous waste
  • Eco friendly Environment
  • Faster production line
  • Reduce Labour and production cost