EPMS Benefits


  • lower capital and operating costs
  • compact equipment; Lower space require
  • process cleanliness
  • continuous recycling/re-use of working materials
  • Uniform, defect-free clean surface.
  • strip shape improvement through tension leveling
  • Provide Rust resistant surface, Require less coating of oil for protecting rusting for longer time moisture is avoided.
  • No side effect on surface during line stoppage

VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) retrofitted into existing process line:

  • increase the pickling process speed of a large continuous pickle line by ‘first pass’ scale removal
  • replace acid tanks with VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) Brushing line
  • reduce chemical concentrated for normal gauge
  • replace the cleaning section of a heavy gauge galvanizing line to allow the coating of hot band material directly from the hot mill. This saves the time and cost of a separate pickling operation.

Valgro EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) environmental advantages:

  • low energy consumption
  • no hazardous/acidic material used in the process
  • Eco friendly work environment no potential exposure to acid fumes for people, equipment or buildings
  • no polluting waste or by products of the process with disposal or fume stack liabilities.
  • No disposal restriction from pollution control board.

VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) commercial advantages over acid-pickling:

  • extremely clean, uniform surface
  • remove pickle stains, Oil patch, acid patch, depth oxide, Rust
  • ability to adjust surface texture to meet customer requirements
  • Clean surface increase oxide (Rust) formation without application of any protective coating
  • lower capital and operating costs than acid-pickling
  • compact production line design – 20% floor space require against traditional process.
  • can be added to an existing line to increase throughput
  • shape improvement through tension leveling

Valgro EPMS : Valuable advantages

  • Improved surface quality
  • Smoother, more resilient paint finish
  • No more rust
  • Reduced paint preparation
  • Smoother paint finish
  • Reduce dimples on painted surface
  • Cleaner work environment
  • Less rework, fewer rejects
  • Faster laser/plasma cutting

Valgro EPMS : Value-added Advantages

  • Delay rusting process time on mild steel
  • Batter surface finish
  • Consistent cleaning effect
  • No disposal restriction for hazardous waste
  • Eco friendly Environment
  • Faster production line
  • Reduce Labour and production cost

Product Benefits

  • No hazardous material used in the process
  • No Disposal restrictions from PCB
  • No damage the Building, Equipment, People, Land, Environment etc.
  • 80% Space saving design against traditional pickling line
  • Rust free - Rust resistant surface
  • lower energy consumption
  • Retrofitted in current pickling line for faster pickling production