What is EPMS ?

The VALGRO EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE) working system is a mechanical brushing system combination with Flexible abrasives steel roller wire brush, and normal hot and cold water. That improves hot rolled black strip, making it a better base material for fabrication and OEMs.

Field of the Invention : Valgro EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE)

The present invention method relates for the production and finishing of metal surfaces, and more particularly to the removal of scale from the metal surfaces, e.g., surfaces of metal sheet. More particularly the present invention relates to novel method for removing annealed scale, rust, oxide, mill scale, and oil patch, black Shot/patch from hot rolled and cold rolled. The novel process creates an ideal surface for paint adhesion especially on CRC & stainless steel. In addition, it preps the steel better than any acid chemicals currently available for wash systems. The said method is also used for the deburring, cleaning, washing, , graining, de-greasing, de-scaling, finishing and surface preparation of different kinds of ferrous and non ferrous material by wet and dry processing. The present invention is a novel method for the preparation of metal surface we call eco pickle metal surface (EPMS (ECO PICKLED METAL SURFACE)